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Join ZKM as we dive into the world of ZK and all it encompasses! Developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts alike are coming together to discuss the limitless possibilities Zero-Knowledge Proofs brings to the table. Grab your laptop and get cozy in the House of ZK where we will collaborate, work together, and discuss all things Zero-Knowledge with like-minded people who are all working towards a better blockchain experience!

House of ZK by ZKM is hosting its first hacker house meetup during EthDenver where we will host keynotes, lectures, panels, and interactive workshops that will leave you wanting more! Meet with ZK-focused devs and entrepreneurs, share your ideas, and maybe even build your own project. House of ZK is dedicated to providing the resources you need in a surrounding that is supportive for each individuals’ growth.

About the House:

Located near National Western Complex Arena:  10 min drive.

Breakfast and Lunch served daily, 8-15 beds for residency, 50 person capacity.

Speaking opportunities and workshops from industry leaders hosted daily.

Fun, fun, fun! Blockchain and non-blockchain activities hosted nightly.

Pitch Your Product! Pitching competition on Feb 28.


Feb 23 - 28, 2024


North Denver, RiNo Art District, Curtis Park

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Build & Chill Registration day
Buidl & Chill is a day is dedicated to setting the tone for the week. While Denver welcomes thousands of buidlers, House of ZK will provide a calm networking area off-site from the Buidlathon where you can bring your team, meet some friends and warm up for a busy week.
Come in, network, have a bite & a sip, and feel the vibe before we dive into the upcoming week!
"(re)Searching for ZK" Day
Industry experts who are leading the research of ZK adoption to blockchain take on EthDenver and share their research.
"GM VM" Day
Today is the day for a deep-dive into VM architectures. Join in and banter the differneces and purposes of different VM srchitechtures in various panels, workshop demos, and roundtable discussions.
"Synchronous Scaling" Day
Zero Knowledge Proofs have been the trend of the year, let’s discuss why and how ZKPs are being adopted in various projects across the industry. Join us for a full day of panels, keynotes and demos from projects and builders who are scaling with ZKPs.
"[redeacted] ZK Security" Day
It all boils down to this: ZK’s #1 use case. Let’s talk about it! The day will be filled with panels, keynotes and workshop demos focused on privacy and security, along with the nuances we all dance within this domain.
"Builder Brigade" Day
This is the day of opportunity-- no builder will want to miss this! Hear tips, tricks and advice straight from the source. VCs and investors will join in interactive panels and fireside chats focused on guiding the best business practices to get your project off the ground.

This will be followed by a lightning pitch presentation to various VCs. You must apply to present your project.

The day will end with a networking social of cocktail drinks and snacks, acting as a small pre-party to EthDenver’s official opening party hosted by MetisFest and EthDenver.
Jeroen van de Graaf
Senior Cryptographer
Jeroen van de Graaf
Senior Cryptographer
Daniel Lumi
Senior Product Manager of ZK Stack at Matter Labs
Ming Guo
Chief Scientist at ZKM
Pavel Sinelnikov
Dev Rel Lead
Pavel Sinelnikov
Dev Rel Lead at ZKM
Sandy Peng
Co-founder Scroll
Diogo Almeida
Researcher at Lightshift
Alex Pruden
Executive Director at Aleo
Dylan Kawalec
CTO and Lead Software Architect at Invo Technologies Inc
Kostas Ferles
Chief Research Officer at Veridise
Jon Stephens
Chief Technology Officer at Veridise
Sam Emmes
BD Director at Salus
Head of Strategy at zkPass
Simon Judd
Software Developer at Ingonyama
Emily Lin
Developer Advocate at Linea
Anne-Grace Kleczewski
Co-Founder Keom Protocol
Vince Yang
Co-Founder ZkLink
Max Sultakov
Co-founder, CEO at Arcane Finance
Alan Scott
RAILGUN Privacy Project - Contributor
Vipul Saini
Co-Founder and CTO at Cypherock
Mona Tiesler
Head of Investment at Tokentus investments
John Reynolds
Co-founder ZPass
Arnav Pagidyala
Principal at HashKey
Jordi Baylina
Polygon co-founder
Eric Vreeland
CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Officer at Polyhedra
More to come...
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