A General Purpose zkVM
Turning Ethereum into a Global Settlement Layer
Stage 1
Eliminating the 7-day Withdrawal Window
Stage 2
Unified Security for all L2s and Alt L1s
Stage 3
Tamper-Proof IoT and Cloud Computing
Stage 1
Hybrid Rollup for all existing L2s
Instant withdrawal with ZK validity proof
Stage 2
Use Ethereum to settle all L2s and Alt L1s
Turning Ethereum into the Universal Settlement Layer
Stage 3
Global Settlement Layer based on zkMIPS & Ethereum
For non-blockchain (as well as blockchain) applications
One ZKP for All
We secure the metal (CPU/MIPS) so you don’t have to
Since zkMIPS secures the CPU/MIPS beneath every VM, framework, or app above, all software above the CPU is secured
By adopting zkMIPS, everyone is thus able to claim ZKP security, without ever doing ZK proofing by themselves
Work with All VMs
MIPS sits beneath every VM (Virtual Machines), therefore zkMIPS
Unifies all flavors of zkEVM
Supports alternative blockchain smart-contract engine VMs:
MoveVM – zkMVM
RustVM – zkRVM
Plug and Play Adoption
zkMIPS does ZKP on the CPU level and sits beneath all VMs, Frameworks, and Apps, therefore it has:
Zero- or low-cost adoption: developers won’t need to change or adapt their existing codebase for ZKP at all
Technology-agnostic adoption: developers won’t need to worry about adopting specific smart contract language for ZKP anymore, be it Solidity, Move, Rust, WASM, etc. The same even applies to non-blockchain/traditional languages, such as C/C++, Java, Golang, Python, Javascript/Typescript, etc.
Long-Term Stability
Leveraging the stability of the MIPS instruction set, there’s no need to worry about EVM instruction sets constantly changing.
Free Security for All
Leveraging Ethereum’s large, decentralized security base to validate all transactions, for both blockchain and non-blockchain.
Better L2 Rollup User Experience
The zkMIPS-enabled Hybrid Rollup will provide better user experience and cover more use cases:
Former Optimistic Rollup users will enjoy instant confirmation and finality, with no need to wait 7 days for fund withdrawal from Layer 2 to Layer 1.
Depository users can now enjoy doubled security: ZKP verification, plus a fraud proof challenge window that can be extended to ensure safe transfer for large amounts
Going Far Beyond L2s, and Beyond Blockchain
Expand the scope of Optimistic Rollups’ potential market to:
Alt L1s (BNB, Celo, etc.)
IoT security (tamper-proof IoT devices)
Cloud computing