Bridging the Gap to ZK with ZKM’s New Education Hub
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Zero-knowledge (ZK) has become a new, very popular buzzword in the Web3 world– but what does it mean, really? 

The Education Hub provided by ZKM is your first stop for unraveling the intricacies of ZK. The ZKM team is here for you in every step of your ZK learning journey. 

ZKM Education Hub – Your Gateway to ZK 

At the Education Hub, we welcome developers and our technical community to learn about ZK– no extensive math background or prior ZK experience needed! 

The Education Hub is hosted on ZKM’s Discord within the “Education Hub'' channel. Discord is where we will provide community support and announce all newly released content or upcoming events relating to the Education Hub. 

The learning curve can be steep when first learning about ZK. There are hundreds of resources out there– articles, lectures, papers, lists of links– and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. One minute you’re exploring one topic, and the next, you stumble upon a dozen more unfamiliar terms. It can feel like you’re lost in a maze without a map. 

The Education Hub is built to seamlessly guide you through the ZK space, one step at a time. ZKM Senior Cryptographer, Jeroen van de Graaf Ph.D., and Associate Professor at the Univerdidade Federal de Minas Gerais has carefully curated the courses for our Education Hub for anyone from beginner to expert developer to further their theoretical education in ZK technology.

 Here, you can receive individualized support by the ZKM team and can collaborate with other community members also looking to further their knowledge in ZK. 

What does the Education Hub offer? 

  • Curated Content – delve into the ZK world with engaging courses, video lectures, presentations, programming assignments, tutorials, and workshops
  • Active Community Support – the ZKM Education Hub team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have 
  • Community Calls / AMAs – get directly involved in discussions with the ZKM Team 
  • ZKM Content Library  – explore a curated collection of recommended resources from the ZKM team to assist you in your ZK learning journey

"A High Level Introduction To Zero Knowledge And SNARKS"  Course 

"A High Level Introduction To Zero Knowledge And SNARKS" is ZKM’s first Education Hub course taught by Senior Cryptographer Jeroen van de Graaf. 

This course is designed to help programmers to establish a solid foundation in ZK. Our aim is to guide you through the core concepts with a hands-on programming approach, instead of a mathematics-based focus. 

"A High Level Introduction To Zero Knowledge And SNARKS" includes a series of bite-sized lectures, tutorials, and demonstrations. Each topic of the course contains 4-5 lectures that will be released weekly on ZKM’s YouTube Channel @ProjectZKM. 

As a participant, you’ll also complete programming labs and quizzes, engage in discussions on Discord, and create content in the form of blog articles, tweets or forum posts that can be submitted on ZKMs Contributor Board.

Upon successfully completing all assignments and passing a final exam, you can earn a course completion certificate in the form of an NFT. 

Stay in tune for future courses tailored to different backgrounds and in-depth ZKM Research Team presentations diving into the specifics of ZKM. 


Participants can earn ZKM POINTS by successfully completing assignments and creating content. All assignments should be submitted on the Contributor Board at under the “Education Hub” campaign. 

For more details on how to submit content and earn POINTS, check out our previous article, “ZKM Contributor POINTS System Explained”.  

Wondering how you can accumulate POINTS? Here are some of the ways: 

  • Viewing video lectures and completing the accompanying mini quizzes
  • Completing programming assignments with GitHub links available on Discord
  • Expressing your knowledge by writing blog articles or crafting tweets expanding on a concept from “A High Level Introduction To Zero Knowledge And SNARKS” or the ZKM Content Library 
  • Starting or participating in discussions on the Discord
  • Participating in community calls and AMAs 
  • Actively engaging in the Education Hub Discord channels 
  • Submitting Contributions for the Education Hub through ZKM’s Contributor Board

The more points you earn, the more rewards you can unlock, including early access to ZKM community initiatives, exclusive invites to events, and level-based badges. 

Ready to join the Education Hub? 

At ZKM, we understand the value of furthering education. The Education Hub is dedicated to providing up-to-date courses and lessons to help you gain the extra edge in your portfolio while also providing a collaborative and open space to learn and grow with fellow community members. Head over to the “Education Hub” section on our Discord and start your ZK learning journey! 

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