ZKM ECP Contributor Board — November Wrap-up
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ECP Cohort 2 Rollout

November began with an exciting development at ZKM — we launched Cohort 2 of our Early Contributor Program (ECP): Community Evolution. This step is all about expanding our community, inviting more diverse skills and ideas to help ZKM innovate and evolve through various engagements. ZKM is still in its early stages of research and development, for now we are focused on building a quality community of developers and blockchain enthusiasts to rise with us leading to the launch of testnet.

Let’s review November’s activities within the ECP Campaign.

ZKM Contributor Board and POINTS System Goes LIVE

A major part of Cohort 2 is the new Contributor Board and POINTS System. This system is designed to recognize and reward your contributions in a tangible way. Whether you’re coding, troubleshooting, or generating ZKM content, you’ll earn POINTS that reflect your effort and engagement.

There are three Contributor Boards: General, Developer, and Education Hub. The General and Developer Boards are open for submission throughout each month, submissions will close on the last day of each month. There will be a review process on the first and second day of the upcoming month, and bounties will be open for submissions again on the third day of the new month. The Education Hub will have its own timeline according to the current course schedule, read more about it below.

Please note that POINTS do not indicate any form of token release from ZKM. POINTS are strictly used to track your contributions and ranking as a ZKM Contributor.

Educational Hub Launch

November also saw the launch of our Education Hub, located in our official Discord and led by our Senior Cryptographer Jeroen Van De Graff (a PHD and veteran in his field). This open space is dedicated to learning about zero-knowledge technology and how it applies to verifiable computation. It’s full of resources, tutorials, and guides to help you deepen your understanding and skills asynchronously and at your own pace, whether you’re a developer, researcher or simply just a ZK enthusiast.

The Education Hub has its own category within the ZKM Contributor Board, along with its own campaign running time separate from the General and Developer Contributor Boards. Education campaigns will end 1 week after the final lecture of the course is published, and POINTS and NFT Course Completion Certificate will be distributed on the Monday of the following week. Because the course is self-paced and asynchronous, bounties specific to each course will be renewed so that anyone can jump in anywhere at any time with no disruption to opportunities.

Rewards for Your Contributions

Contributing to ZKM goes beyond just earning POINTS. ZKM is dedicated to not only the growth of our community, but also your individual growth as a community member. Whether it be recognition, an addition to your experience portfolio, or exclusive opportunities, we want to see you shine. Our current reward offerings for November Contributors are as follows:


POINTS will be automatically distributed to the wallet associated with your points.zkm.io account.

**You must have your twitter account linked to your points account in order to receive POINTS in your wallet.

**It is your responsibility to ensure that you have correctly submitted your contribution, otherwise you will not be able to receive POINTS for your submissions. Please reach out in Discord if you have any issues.

NFT Badges:

We’re now offering our first rollout of Nuvo Badges. There will be different level-based badges based on the amount of POINTS you’ve accumulated.

Exclusive Discord Channel Access:

Top contributors will receive exclusive access to a special Discord channel. Contributors must first have POINTS in their wallet to gain access to this secret channel. The special privileges and activities for those included in this channel will be made known soon!

Be sure that your contributor account is linked to your twitter! We will be reaching out to you from the official ZKM twitter account only (@ProjectZKM) for claiming your badge and exclusive invite to the secret Discord channel.

These are not just rewards, but proof of your expertise and value in our community!

Looking Forward

November was a month of significant progress and growth for ZKM and its contributors. The Early Contributor Program is instrumental in fostering a community of forward-thinking developers and enthusiasts who actively participate in shaping the future of open-source zero knowledge technology. For December, expect new bounties updated to the Contributor Boards, and the release of the Top Contributor Leaderboard within the following week.

With the launch of Cohort 2, the new ZKM Contributor Board and POINTS System, along with our Education Hub, we’re strengthening our community and paving the way for further advancements in our technology.

ZKM is committed to fostering a strong community and providing you with the tools and resources you need to excel. Your contributions are crucial as we continue to evolve and lead in this exciting field. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries together!

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