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ZKM Early Contributor Program
ZKM welcomes participants of our Early Contributor Program (ECP), illuminating the path to understanding and harnessing the groundbreaking potential of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology and the zkVM that we are building.
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ZK Revolution!
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Phase 2
Commmunity Evolution
The ZKM Community is Evolving!
Community members can now gain access to ZKM’s Contributor Board and Education Hub while receiving Contribution POINTS.
Contributor POINTS System
Developers and creators alike will accumulate POINTS, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards
For General Community
Complete Tasks
Create Content
Submit Feedback
+ More
For Developers
Interact with ZKM’s zkVM
Submit Github Issues
Contribute to zkMIPS Codebase
Generate Use Cases
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More about POINTS
ZKM Contributor Board
Get involved, contribute, earn points
Follow these steps
Head to the Contributor Board
ZKM Contributor Board
Log in by connecting your wallet and signing in
Browse “Active Campaigns” and select those aligned with your focus or expertise
Select the campaign you wish to contribute to
Submit your contribution and start earning POINTS
ZKM Education Hub
Push the boundaries of blockchain
Curated Courses
Delve into the ZK world with engaging video lectures, programming assignments, tutorials, and workshops
Active Community Support
The ZKM Education Hub team is ready to assist you every step of the way in your learning journey
Community Calls & AMAs
Get directly involved in discussions with the ZKM Team
ZKM Content
Explore a curated collection of recommended resources from the ZKM team to assist you in your ZK learning journey
ZKM Contributer User Guide
*Only ONE contributor account per person allowed, or POINTS will be slashed
**POINTS are non-transferable reward points solely for tracking ECP contributions and hold no currency value. POINTS are not a token.
Phase 1
Community Education
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