The Entangled
Rollup Network

A trust-minimized multi-chain interoperability infrastructure to enable Universal Settlement and unified native liquidity.
Bridging Trilemma
Interoperability Trilemma
Why Entangled Rollups?
Rollups are considered to be the most secure bridges that are trust-minimized, natively secured, naturally decentralized and verifiable.
There is no bridge
There are only Rollups
The Entangled Rollup protocol is trustless, and a step forward to addressing liquidity fragmentation, in addition to simplifying the user and developer experience as major adoption barriers of the multi-chain world.

Enables Bridging
Across L2s

Our Entangled Rollup
mechanism proves and relays the consensus of different blockchains without the need of intermediary blockchains

VM Agnostic Asset Transfer

Allows for compatibility within EVM and non-EMV blockchains for seamless and secure transfers of information and value, without compromising the principles inherent to the underlying blockchains

From Vertical to Horizontal Messaging

By entangling rollups, messages and state changes can be passed horizontally without adding any additional security assumptions.
This allows users to trustlessly connect incompatible blockchains for unified native liquidity and messaging
Building a Universal Settlement Network using zkVM