zkMIPS: an Open-source, Simple, Stable, Universal zkVM

zkMIPS is ZKM’s general-purpose zkVM verifying on-chain that a MIPS program is correctly executed off-chain
How zkMIPS work
One ZKP for All
We secure the metal (CPU/MIPS) so you don’t have to
Since zkMIPS secures the CPU beneath the VM, all software above the CPU benefits from zkMIPS security
By adopting zkMIPS, everyone is thus able to claim zk proof security, without ever doing zk proofing themselves
Works with All VMs
MIPS sits beneath every other VM, therefore zkMIPS:
Unifies all flavors of zkEVM
Supports alternative blockchain smart-contract engine VMs:
MoveVM – zkMVM
RustVM – zkRVM
Long-Term Stability
Leveraging the stability of the MIPS instruction set, there’s no need to worry about EVM instruction sets constantly changing.
Free Security for All
Leveraging Ethereum’s large, decentralized blockchain security base to validate all transactions, for both blockchain and non-blockchain.
Plug and Play Adoption
ZK Proofs are generated on the CPU level and sits beneath all VMs, Frameworks, and Apps, therefore it has:
Zero- or low-cost adoption: developers will not need to change or adapt their existing codebase for zk proofs
Technology-agnostic adoption: developers will not need to worry about adopting a specific smart contract language for zk proofs anymore, be it Solidity, Move, Rust, WASM, etc. The same even applies to non-blockchain/traditional languages, such as C/C++, Java, Golang, Python, Javascript/Typescript, etc.
Use Cases

Hybrid Rollup

Experience near-instant withdrawal with ZK validity proof for all L2s

Entangled Rollup

Trustlessly connect incompatible blockchains for unified native liquidity and messaging

Bitcoin L2

From Scriptless Script to Bridgeless Bridge - extending bitcoin by the power of zkVM